Reasons You Should Want To Wear A Mask

Although, unfortunately, we still lack many of the needed and necessary answers, to how to best attack this horrific pandemic, nearly every public health expert, agrees, two things, make a significant difference, in terms of flattening - the - curve, reducing the infection rate, and proceeding in a common sense, direction! These two actions are, Social Distancing, and, wearing a mask. We now know, and realize, in areas where, the public has followed these safer procedures, there has been a far better response, than in those areas, where public officials, avoided these approaches, articulated a message of minimizing and denying the potential dangers, etc. We know this, for example, because of the results, to - date, in New York State, where the pandemic's impact, went from worst, to best. New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, often, warned the public, and inspired and motivated, a large, significant portion of the state's population, of the need to take this serious, and practice, Social Distancing, as well as the need to wear a mask. Recent research appears to indicate, the airborne nation, of this virus, and, thus, the inherent risks, of remaining indoors, when the building's air conditioning/ ventilation system, was unable to sufficiently filter and remove this deadly virus. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons, you should be ready and willing to wear a mask.

To protect others: Wearing a mask has been shown to significantly reduce the chance, of infection, by minimizing any spread of the virus, from you, when speaking, coughing, sneezing, etc. Isn't it each of our social responsibility's, to do all we can, to protect others health, and well - being?

To protect yourself: If everyone wore a mask, it would dramatically, have a desirable impact! Since, not everybody, unfortunately, does so, those, in high - risk areas, and situations, should wear a different form of mask, which also protects the wearer, by more effectively, protecting that individual.

Social responsibility: For public health reasons, laws exist, stating, one must wear shoes, and a shirt, in eating/ food establishments! Doesn't it make sense, during a pandemic, which has already infected over 2 million Americans, and taken over 130, 000 lives, to make wearing a mask mandatory, in public buildings, and, even, outdoors, when Social Distancing, may be difficult? Shouldn't we want to do our part, and take the social responsibility, to work together, for the common good, and beat this thing?

Set an example: The more people, who voluntarily, consistently, wear a mask, when it is needed, the more, others, might be influenced, to do, likewise. Wouldn't more of the public do so, if the President, wore a mask, instead of minimizing them, and set the right example?

Science matters/ Data counts: While the public health professionals respect the appropriate science, research, and data, President Trump, proclaims, he is a stable genius, and trusts - his - gut! Science matters, and data counts, and we have witnessed, what happens, in many of those states, which reopened (largely, pressured by political considerations, as well as the White House), too soon! If you beloved this article and you also would like to be given more info concerning face masks that meet astm f3502 implore you to visit our page.

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