Choose the Right Foods With a Carbohydrate Food Chart

Carbohydrates are considered to be the primary source of energy of all living things-including humans. In order to have a healthy and well-balanced diet, nutritionists recommend that about 50% of your meal should consist of carbohydrate-rich foods. However, not all those foods that contain carbohydrates are considered to be healthy sources of energy. That is where a carbohydrate food chart comes in handy.

All of the carbohydrate-rich foods that we consume on a regular basis fall in one of the two groups of carbohydrates, according to nutritionists. The first group of carbohydrates is what they call as simple carbohydrates. Included in this particular group are foods and beverages that are high in sugar such as sweets, processed and packaged foods, and soft drinks. The second group is complex carbohydrates. These are foods and beverages that contain starch and cellulose. Included in this particular food group are foods made from whole grains like cereals, bread and pasta, legumes, certain types of vegetables such as potatoes, and fruits. Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt also fall into this category.

Food nutritionists noted that foods rich in complex carbohydrates are healthier than those that contain simple carbohydrates. For one, the body takes a longer time to convert these complex carbohydrates completely, minimizing the need to constantly replace this. On top of that, many of these complex carbohydrates also contain fiber and other essential nutrients needed by the body to function properly. If you liked this write-up and you would certainly like to receive additional info concerning Bang Energy Drink Flavors kindly check out the page.

A well-balanced diet that provides a person 2,000 calories each day should consist of about 250 grams of carbohydrates. Weight loss diets tend to contain lesser grams of carbohydrates. A carbohydrate food chart gives you the number of grams of carbohydrates that you will get from each serving of food. Alongside with this, it also provides the number of grams of sugar and starch each serving of food contains. This way, you are more guided in choosing the right food for your daily energy needs.

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